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  • Prayer Request

    I've written up a long, important unspoken prayer request down on paper. Please pray that the Lord will powerfully, fully, completely answer everything I've asked for on that p...
  • emotion healing

    Pray For mother & daughter, who need healing in their relationship. Pray that mother would forgive the father of her child who violated her.

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  • Interdenominational Intercession Prayers for people in Authority(1Timo.2:1-4).
  • Interdenominational Mission  Trip
  • Interdenominational Crusade
  • The Orphans Ministry
  • The School Ministry
  • The Prisons Ministry
  • The Hospital Ministry
  • The Aged and Widow Ministry,Our prime aim is to fulfill the command of the great commission(Matthew 28:18-20) and the will of our Lord Jesus Christ in Mathew 25:31-46.
When our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected, the only charge He gave to the church is "Go therefore into world...................."Matthew 2818-20.Therefore the local church and any christian organisations must work out to fulfill the Great Commission in this end time.